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DJUSP-BA - Justice and Social Policy, BA

Criminal Justice and Sociology School of Liberal Arts and Sci BA - Bachelor of Arts

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A Justice and Social Policy degree from the University of North Texas at Dallas gives students an affordable path to rewarding careers in criminal justice agencies, as well as, social and community organizations working in the emerging areas of social equality and justice reform. The interdisciplinary degree between the programs of Criminal Justice and Sociology addresses the fundamentals of justice more broadly than a criminal justice degree. Justice and Social Policy majors gain the knowledge of historical and contemporary justice frameworks and human and social justice issues with an emphasis on policy development and implementation. Graduates with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Justice and Social Policy find employment in city/state government, non-profit organizations, correctional facilities, social work agencies, other social service providers (mental, restorative, family, reintegration, etc.), counseling clinics, among others.

Program Coordinator: Dr. Aaron Bartula, Email:

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